Brookdale Park

Upcoming Events at Brookdale Park

Oct 14
Over 150 fine artists and fine craftspeople will share their talents at the 18th Annual Fall Fine Art and Crafts Show at Essex County’s Brookdale Park show on October 14-15. from 10 am - 5 pm, rain...


Brookdale Park offers the public access to both passive and active recreational activities as well as picturesque vistas. Trails for walking and running, lush groves and extensive lawns, playgrounds, sports fields, track facilities, tennis courts, an archery range and stadium grandstand are just some of the numerous attractions that make Brookdale Park a magnet for nature lovers, families, and physical fitness enthusiasts for miles around.

Size:  121.41 Acres
Watchung Avenue
Bloomfield, NJ 07003
Brookdale Dog Park
November 1 - March 31
Open: 8am - 6pm
Distinguishing Features
  • 1½ mile fitness course
  • Synthetic ¼ mile running track and football field
  • Soccer fields
  • Softball fields
  • Archery field
  • Bike races
  • Grandstand
  • Fieldhouse
  • Interpretative Trail
  • Playground
  • Tennis Courts
  • Formal rose garden
  • Annual summer concert series